There are 2.7 Million Children with a Parent in Prison or Jail and Ninety-two percent (92%) of Paren

Video clip: For Colored Boys Redemption by Stacy Muhammad Family Separation Today, more than any other population in the United States, African Americans are unfairly targeted and criminalized by the criminal justice system. No other system shows this continued exploitation better than the American prisons and the criminal justice system. Research indicates that one and every nine black children in America has a parent in jail. Despite African Americans only representing 13% of the population of the United States, 40% of the prison population is black. Reconciliation through Mediation Services While there is much attention regarding children being separated from their families at the border;

Seeds of a Father Young Ladies Book Club May 2019

Springfield, Massachusetts A Champion Book-Cause In 2018, I was named a Massachusetts literacy champion. I was one of eight persons selected in the state that demonstrated promising literacy practices in literacy development. That makes our iRead initiative of championship caliber. Our iRead initiative works to encourage reading, writing, and language development among children, teenagers, and adults. In 2019 we shall continue our championship initiative by providing book clubs throughout the city of Springfield and much more. Young Ladies Leading the Charge The best way to get the youth involved is to solicit their voice, interests, and make things happen. I did just that with my 14 year ol


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