In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Cinemark Donates a Screening of the Movie Marshall to Seeds o

In the month of January, in celebration of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, Cinemark donated a private screening of the movie Marshall to Seeds of a Father. The movie Marshall was based on the life of the first African American Supreme Court Justice, Mr. Thurgood Marshall. He was widely known for the 1954 court case Brown v. the Board of education which ended racial segregation in public schools. It truly was a great time to reflect on the work of these two great Civil Rights Activists. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall had two different approaches to fighting social injustice. While Martin Luther King Jr believed in being arrested for t

Seeds of a Father Presents "Black Panther, A Momentous Occasion"

We at Seeds of a Father are thankful that we were able to invite 25 people to attend the movie Black Panther with us. We felt it was a momentous time in our community to give back and encourage others. We would like to thank everyone who came out to enjoy the movie with us. A very special acknowledgement goes out to Staples, General Manager Mr. Juan Santiago and Ms. Luz for donating the Black Panther Activity Booklets and for their time and talent. Each person in attendance received a Black Panther Activity Booklet along with their paid admission.

New England Fatherhood Conference taking place in Springfield, Massachusetts

19th Annual New England Fathering Conference The New England Fathering Conference (NEFC) was initiated in Massachusetts in 1999. Since then conferences have also been hosted in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maine, each with 300-400 attendees and presenters from across New England and beyond! With nineteen years of momentum, the conference will hold its 2018 event back in Massachusetts, highlighting how our work with fathers supports the legacy they are creating for their children. Workshops will address best practices in working with fathers, ways to engage fathers in services, as well as tracks specifically designed for fathers. Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2018 (All day) to Friday, March 16


Springfield, MA, USA



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